About The Film


Live Action / Drama / Thriller

With his sailboat and young family marooned off the coast of Maine, Peter hires a local diver to cut them loose. But when tensions between the men boil-over, a fateful accident forces them into an intimate family dinner where the two men vie for power with dire consequences.


Sean Mewshaw.


Patrick Roche, Morgan Myer.


P3, Rusticator and Bailiwick Productions.


Marooned off the coast of Maine, a yachtsman and his family get more than they bargained for when they hire a peculiar local diver to come untangle their sailboat. After a fateful mishap that knocks the Diver unconscious, Peter and his family host him for an intimate dinner, laced with menace and accusation.


When his sailboat is stranded off the coast of rural Maine, Peter must swim to shore to seek help, leaving his young and vulnerable family behind. Arriving at a rustic harborside bait shop, Peter encounters a peculiar local character who agrees to fix his boat… for a price.

After a tense exchange, the two men return to the boat where they are greeted by Peter’s wife and daughter who are quickly charmed by the stranger. Before diving below to fix the propeller, the man offers to collect mussels from shore, coyly inviting himself to dinner.

Suspicious of his motivations, Peter makes it clear that he is not welcome… But the Diver insists, and as he attempts to climb aboard, Peter drops his air tank, knocking the man into the water below. In a desperate rescue sequence, Peter and Margaret must then haul the unconscious Diver back on deck, reviving him while young Chloe watches on in horror.

Without missing a beat, the Diver then asks if dinner is ready, before quietly accusing Peter of attempted murder… What follows is a menacing dinner scene where the Diver taunts Peter again to the edge of violence… And just as Peter prepares to defend his family, Margaret coyly diffuses the situation.

Back ashore and reeling from their encounter, the two men make a peace offering before parting ways. As the boat pulls away from the dock, the Diver has some cryptic parting words for young Chloe that signal what it means to be a “good guy”.